Our Services

We offer bespoke innovation management services to healthcare organizations. We bring our domain expertise to offer customized, fit-for-purpose solutions


We help identify hidden innovation opportunities, by first identifying the unique business needs and then developing solutions to meet those needs. This unique approach enables organizations to rapidly test and deploy the solutions using our customized delivery methods.


We help design and conduct innovation events (such as hackathons, idea sprints) which help individuals and teams compete in identifying solutions to specific challenges. This fosters innovation and engages diverse stakeholders which improves the understanding of the challenges faced by the organization.


Sineflex learning and coaching services help innovation capability development. We design domain relevant interventions and ensure measurable learning transfer.

Our Model

We use our DART model for all our services


Whether it is a hidden opportunity, an innovation event, or a training, we apply design thinking approaches to identify the real need.


After designing the path, we ‘search and evaluate’ possibilities for next steps, including internal capacities, external partners and combination of these methods.


After assessing the right needs, we help define an agile execution plan and offer ongoing mentoring for both quality and speed of the right outcomes.


We maintain the momentum through our approach which includes post-launch elements that help appropriate uptake, knowledge transfer and integration.


Mahesh Iyer


Mahesh Iyer has over 20 years of experience in research and development in healthcare. He has been responsible for guiding many products through the development life-cycle. Before co-founding Sineflex Solutions, Mahesh was at Novartis in various roles, including Site Head, Biostatistics at Hyderabad, and Global head for Exploratory ..

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Santosh Shevade


Santosh Shevade has over 14 years of experience in research and development in healthcare. He has led more than 50 drug development projects at various levels in Novartis, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer. Before co-founding Sineflex Solutions, he led a team of 120 global clinical development associates as a Director in Novartis Global ..

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